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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Program #779 - 03/12/08

Johann Pachelbel
- Ciaccona in F minor, POP 15
- Aria prima, POP 4 (Hexachordino Apollinis)

Bouchard (Dorian)

PDQ Bach
- String Quartet in F major, "The Moose" S.Y2K

Armadillo Quartet (Telarc)

Frederic Chopin
- Variations for piano duet

Ashkenazy/Ashkenazy London

Alban Berg
- Violin Concerto

Sophie-Mutter/Levine/Chicago Symphony Orchestra Deutsche Grammophon

Wilhelm Friedemann Bach
- Polonaise No. 8 in E minor
Barrell (Globe)

Andre Caplet
- Deux divertissements pour harpe
Holliger (Claves)

Domenico Scarlatti
- Sonata in G major, K. 520

Pinnock (CRD)

Dmitri Kabalevsky
- Symphony No. 1 in C sharp minor, Op. 18
Acel/Szeged Philharmonci Orchestra (Olympia)

Stephen Yip
- Novella (A Little Story)
Winstin/Kiev Philharmonic (ERM)

Juan Cabbanilles
- Tiento 7 tono por A la mi re
- Pascalles de 1 tono

Jansen (Dorian)

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